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Learned my soul grind and makio tonight on the box! Still not good at front side, and tried to mizzou, but it’s so awkward. Feeling like I accomplished stuff though.

Spent the day thrifting with DJ and went with him to get a new pedal, fun day. He also gave me some of his shirts since he’s borrowing one of my flannels. They smell like him so it’s the besssstttt. Going to his band practice tonight too, which is cool. I feel so included hahaha. That probably sounds dumb but whatever.

We got in the shower this morning and DJ called me a hobbit and I asked why I was a hobbit and he said “you’re so little. You had to struggle to even get in here.” and it made me happy. Even though I’m not a hobbit.

Had so much fun with DJ. I love nights when he comes over and we watch movies all night and then cuddle before bed and then wake up in the morning and have sex and take a shower together then go get brunch it’s really fun and really satisfying and I feel really good about life. Scratched his head and rubbed his neck and shoulders for most of I, Robot and then he returned the favor during Minority Report, then we laid on opposite ends of the couch and rubbed each other’s feet, haha. It was so nice. We cuddled for a little while when we got into bed and I was so happy. Today will continue to be a good day because he’s made it so enjoyable already.